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Summer’s Here!

It’s time for you June News Brief from Landmark Abstract! We’ve passed Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer. School is almost finished, too. We’re all looking forward to some time off, correct? Still, the world of real estate doesn’t stop, and here are six articles to keep you informed.

If you’d like to read the June News Brief in its entirety, download it here.

June Residential Real Estate News

What we feel resonates with June is that the housing market and real estate is a balancing act that is shaking on the wire. Let’s look at those three articles and make your own call.

Boomer and Millennials Fight For Homes As Housing Market Cools: The Hill brings us this article with an excellent take on the tug of war going on between these two generations. One bright spot to ease the tension? New construction.

(Psst. We’ve got a great post about generational trends in real estate.)

The Housing Recession Isn’t Over Yet: Yes, the housing marked appears to be rebounding, but the experts as Fannie Mae say a housing recession could happen again next year. Fox Business has the scoop.

Fore! Here Are America’s 10 Most Affordable Golf Towns for Home Buyers: Hey, golf lovers! If you are looking to move, Realtor.com has a list of top ten golfing communities that offer a lot for golfers and non-golfers alike.

June Commercial Real Estate News

Next, in our June News Brief, we commercial real estate news. Again, it’s not all doom and gloom, though we don’t have another story on golf for you guys.

As Real Estate Faces Headwinds Alternative Markets Positioned to Shine: Forbes has some great tips and ideas for other real estate-related ideas to invest in. It’s worth taking a look at what this article has to say.

Navigating The Storm: How Commercial Property Owners Can Thrive in a Challenging Market: Commercial property owners, again, Forbes has a great article to help you understand and make the best of this difficult time.

New Opportunities in the Commercial Real Estate Market: Looking for new ways to develop and invest in commercial real estate? CEO World Magazine has some ideas, and discusses the risks in these new ventures, too.

Wrap Up

True, there is mixed news in our June News Brief overview, but there are some bright spots. We hope that you learned something. Again, download our complete news brief here if you’d like to see all the articles.

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