July 2023 News Brief

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july 2023 news brief


Hey, it’s time for our July 2023 news brief! We want to get you caught up on what’s happening in commercial and residential real estate this month. As always, we are going to features our three favorite article from this month’s batch, but if you’d like to read all the articles, and we encourage you to do so, you can download it here.

Next, now that we know the drill, let’s jump right into residential news.

Residential Real Estate July 2023 News

First, let’s talk the residential section of our July 2023 news brief. We’ve got some pretty good news, too! And, we know it’s been a while for that. With that, let’s make a splash and get started.

Dave Ramsey Has Good News for Those Worried About the Housing Market: Dave Ramsey is a financial expert with a show of Sirius XM. TheStreet reported on his predictions for the housing market. It’s worth reading out his predictions!

Falling Mortgage Rates, Lower Home Prices: Welcome to the Housing Market’s New Realty: Realtor.com brings us this news article that has a great optimistic outlook for those wanting to purchase a home in the near future.

Nearly 40% Fewer Homes For Sale than Pre-Pandemic: Here, those looking for a new home, this is a harsh reality. Redfin outlines why this is the case and how it is contributing to the real estate market.

Commercial Real Estate July 2023 News

Secondly, let’s talk about commercial news in our July 2023 news brief. Again, we have a mixture of good news and not-so-good news for this subject. Still, we have some great highlights to keep you informed.

5 Tips to Enable Small Company CFOs to Better Manage Commercial Real Estate: If you find you in this position at your place or work, Forbes has got you covered with this fantastic article with five point to help you.

Why You Shouldn’t Worry about Commercial Real Estate: Yes, we know this is easier said than done! Axios spells it out how this could impact the US economy.

6 Ways AI is Impacting Commercial Real Estate: AI (artificial intelligence) is EVERYWHERE now. Connected lays it all out how this new technology is being used in commercial real estate.

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We’ve finally have come to the end of our July 2023 News Brief! We hope you have enjoyed our collection of article. Take a look at the complete news brief, too! Have fun and safe summer, and we will see you in August!

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