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Landmark Abstract is absolutely on social media!  We have several accounts:  Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  Go, follow them!  Our pages are updated regularly with relevant real estate information, as well as some fun stuff, too.

What We Post

We use social media to educate readers, but also use it a fun way, too.  For example, we post information we like to call "Title Terms."  These are terms found in real estate.  Some of them may seem boring, but other we post can be downright humorous!

Here's a great example for the Title Term "louver."  Wonder what it is?  You've seen louvers before.

Other social media posts we make?  We enjoy posting funny real estate facts, relevant industry articles, and offbeat holidays.  Oh, and let's not forget our treasure trove of quotes that pertain any given holiday, season, or event.

Ultimately, we have a wide range of content on social media.  Hey, we even post links to our blog posts!

What To Look Forward To

Videos, or reels, are becoming more prevalent.  While our video are in another category, we plan on creating more in the future.

Social Media Blog Posts

While we don't have many blog posts in this category, we felt it was needed.  This topic is quite its own animal, so it needs to be treated as such.  Our New Briefs are also an excellent place to get information with Landmark Abstract.  (And, they are worth signing up for, too!)


To sum up, that's what you can expect with our social media accounts.  We post a variety of content, and want to interact with YOU on them.

February News Brief

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February 03, 2023 / Categories: Articles, News Briefs, Social Media

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January 2023 News Brief

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It’s a new year, and it’s time for a new news brief! Happy New Year! We want to welcome you to our January 2023 News Brief summary. This year, we at Landmark Abstract will continue to bring you the latest news and information relating to real estate, focusing on both residential and commercial topics. That being said, let’s get started! As always feel free download

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December News Brief

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News Brief: Thanksgiving Edition

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October News Brief 2022: Halloween Edition

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