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November News Brief: Thanksgiving Edition

How did it get to be November already?

Yes, it is indeed time for your News Brief: Thanksgiving Edition. We know the real estate market is having a tough time right now. That being said, we have some articles that, yes, may bum us out, but there are some bright spots out there. Be sure to hang around to end of the post! We’ve got some fun stuff that will put you in a festive Thanksgiving spirit.

Residential Real Estate News

Three Surprising Reasons Home Sales are Falling Through Today – And How Sellers Can Save the Deal

The possibility of a home sale falling through are enough to make anyone involved in the transaction nervous. This article from provides some insights into why this has been happening recently even more, and what can be done to rescue the sale.

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Yikes! Every Time Mortgage Rates Rise, Buyers Need to Make this Much More to Afford a Home

Yes, we are aware that mortgage rates are shooting off towards the stars, but this article from has more detail into what is going on, and they have details and advice.

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Commercial Real Estate News

3 Social Media Marketing Tips for Multifamily Property Owner

Ah! Here’s some good advice for commercial property owners! The writers over at J.P. Morgan/Chase have three excellent tips for you on how to use social media to reach new renters.

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Fall 2022: Getting Creative

NAR (National Association of Realtors) has revamped their Commercial Connections magazine into a new one: Create! Follow the link below to the first issue.

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Download the News Brief!

This is just a taste of the complete November News Brief, and we know you want the full edition, just like a plate of piled high with Thanksgiving Food.

Download the November News Brief: Thanksgiving Edition

News Brief Fun Stuff

New Coloring Sheet!

We have another coloring page for those who enjoy getting creative. Click here to get it! Give a copy to your kids and keep one for yourself. Don’t forget! We want to see your finished work, so share them on our social media pages, which are:

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