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Welcome to the News Briefs category on the Landmark Abstract website!  Every month, we deliver the latest real estate industry news straight into your email inbox.  After that, we write a blog post featuring our favorite articles from that particular month's edition.

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Each news brief included stories on two main topics that are relevant to the real estate industry:  residential and commercial.  In every edition, there are links that take you directly to the stories online.  Therefore, it's an easy and convenient way to learn about what's going on the world of real estate!

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Next, we receive and customize our news brief monthly from First American, a one of our partners in title insurance and settlement services.  First American selects the news articles for timeliness and to reflect current topics.  They consistently do a great job in picking topics and article that show good research and information.


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March 2024 News Brief

by: Jennifer Dixon

March 01, 2024 / Categories: News Briefs

Warmer Weather Is Soon Here! Firstly, we may have to wait a little while for spring, but it IS time for our March 2024 News Brief. Let’s take a look at the latest commercial and residential real estate news! March 2024 News Brief Download Below is an image of the News Brief, but remember to click on the image to be taken to the actual

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February 2024 News Brief

by: Jennifer Dixon

February 12, 2024 / Categories: News Briefs

Introduction Welcome to our February 2024 News Brief! We are happy to bring you the latest in residential and commercial real estate news. Also, if you haven’t heard, we have an awesome announcement about our fight against wire fraud. Firstly, here’s our new brief to get you caught up with what happened in the past month in real estate. As usual, below is and image

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January 2024 News Brief

by: Jennifer Dixon

January 09, 2024 / Categories: News Briefs

Let’s Start off the New Year with a News Brief! Indeed! We want to wish each and every one you a wonderful New Year! Still, it’s a new month, too, so that means we want to dive right into our January 2024 News Brief. As usual, click on the image below to be taken to full news brief where you can click on the included

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December 2023 News Brief

by: Jennifer Dixon

December 11, 2023 / Categories: News Briefs

It’s time for our December 2023 News Brief! Indeed! Our December 2023 News Brief brings you the news and information you need to stay informed into the new year. As the holidays approach, we understand it can be difficult to keep up on what’s going on, but we are here to help. First, click on the image below to be taken to the full PDF

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November 2023 News Brief

by: Jennifer Dixon

November 01, 2023 / Categories: News Briefs

It’s Already Time for our November 2023 News Brief! This year has flow by, and even we can’t believe that we our publishing our November 2023 News Brief. Soon, we’ll be sitting down with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving. Still, it is just the beginning of the month, it’s time to enjoy autumn and the falling leave as we get closer to Turkey Day.

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