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Where did March go? It’s hard to believe that is it’s time for our April 2024 News Brief. We know that this month tends to bring some soggy weather, but it also promises sunshine and warmer temperatures.

April 2024 News Brief

Firstly, in this month’s edition of real estate and commercial news, the one standout issue that shook the title insurance industry was the in the President’s State of the Union Address. We also have a link to the article right in the top of the PDF.

Below is the news brief. Be sure to click on the image to be taken to the entire PDF complete with clickable links.

Cropped image.  By clicking on the image, you will be taken to the downloadable PDF with clickable links.

Key Professionals In a Real Estate Transaction: A News Brief Bonus!

Secondly, there are several key professionals in a real estate transaction that our clients should know about. Use the infographic below to learn about a few specific ones. Of course, read our blog post about these key professionals, and discover a few more!

7 Key Professionals in A Real Estate Transaction infographic from Landmark Abstract.

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April 2024 News Brief Wrap Up

Finally, that’s what we have for this month’s News Brief! Truthfully, there was a lot of important events that happened that will affect the title insurance industry in different ways. Still we hoped that you came away more informed. That’s our goal!

We will see you next month with more news and also more resources for you to use and to share with your clients and customers.

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