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May news brief

It’s News Brief Time!

Yup, it’s time for our May News Brief! We hope that this installment of residential and real estate news finds you well. As usual, we are going to start with residential news and then hop on over to what’s happening in the world of commercial real estate. Keep in mind, this is only a overview of the entire new brief, but you can download it and get all the stories here. That being said, let’s get started!

May Residential Real Estate News

Firstly, we understand the world of real estate in general is rough right now. A lot of people are looking for homes and are having a hard time finding one! Let’s find out why and if there are any bright spots out there.

2023 Housing Market Correction: Forecast For the Rest Of The Year: This article is brought to us by Redfin News. Despite home prices dropping, mortgage payments have jumped, and people are still looking for homes. Still, not as may people are looking for houses as you think.

Is The Housing Market About To Crash? Here’s what Experts Say: Next up in our May News Brief is this seemingly scary article from Bankrate. They back up what they say with a ton of accessible data. Be sure to read further, as they explain signs why the housing market may not crash.

Better Housing And Building To Improve Lives: Affordable housing is a problem that plagues a lot of communities. Read about The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) and how it is helping people find homes. JD Supra brings us this article.

May Commercial Real Estate News

Secondly, here’s the commercial real estate news in our May News Brief roundup. Again, there are not many bright spots here, but there are a few articles worth noting this month. Let’s get started!

Commercial Real Estate Prices Could Crash 40%: We understand this is a scary prospect for many developers. Markets Insider brought us this article, and it is worth reading, despite its bleak outlook.

Despite Panicked Headlines, Banks Continue to Finance Commercial Real Estate: Next, lending terms may have have been shored up, but financing is available for commercial real estate developers. Hey, that’s a bright spot in our May News Brief, right? Wealth Management wrote this article.

Commercial Real Estate And Its Altered Path: The one word that this article from WebProNews stood out for us: resilience. Yes, the commercial real estate industry is resilient in this changing world. Read the article to find out why and how.

May News Brief Social Media Roundup

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Finally, that’s all we have for our May News Brief! We hope you learned something. Look at things this way, it’s May! Keep a look out for the next month’s roundup in June.

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