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September 2023 News Brief

by: Jennifer Dixon

September 06, 2023 / Categories: Media, News Briefs

Fall is Just Around the Corner! The kids are back in school and it’s time for your September 2023 News Brief! We’ve six stories here to keep you informed and up to date with what’s going on in the real estate world, both in the realms of residential and commercial. Firstly, you will see the news brief below, and you can click on it to

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February News Brief

by: Jennifer Dixon

February 03, 2023 / Categories: Articles, News Briefs, Social Media

It’s February Already?! Yup, it’s hard to believe it’s time for the February News Brief. With that, we’ll be looking at Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day soon, too. Still, we want to bring you the news highlights around the world of real estate, including from both the residential and commercial sides. Oh, read to the end. We have loveable surprise for you! If you like

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January 2023 News Brief

by: Jennifer Dixon

January 04, 2023 / Categories: Articles, News Briefs, Social Media

It’s a new year, and it’s time for a new news brief! Happy New Year! We want to welcome you to our January 2023 News Brief summary. This year, we at Landmark Abstract will continue to bring you the latest news and information relating to real estate, focusing on both residential and commercial topics. That being said, let’s get started! As always feel free download

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December News Brief

by: Jennifer Dixon

December 02, 2022 / Categories: News Briefs, Social Media

What’s Inside Happy Holidays! Residential News Brief Commercial News Brief Holiday Closing Schedule From US to YOU! Find Us on Social Media! Thanks for Reading! Here’s More Great Content to Check Out! Happy Holidays! It’s time for December News Brief! It’s colder outside now, but around you things are getting more festive. Holiday cheer is everywhere!! There is a problem with this month’s new brief,

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News Brief: Thanksgiving Edition

by: Jennifer Dixon

November 01, 2022 / Categories: News Briefs, Social Media

How did it get to be November already? Yes, it is indeed time for your News Brief: Thanksgiving Edition. We know the real estate market is having a tough time right now. That being said, we have some articles that, yes, may bum us out, but there are some bright spots out there. Be sure to hang around to end of the post! We’ve got

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