December News Brief

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December News Brief

Happy Holidays!

It’s time for December News Brief! It’s colder outside now, but around you things are getting more festive. Holiday cheer is everywhere!!

There is a problem with this month’s new brief, though, the links don’t work in the PDF we receive from our provider! That being said, WE are going give you ALL the links for this month’s edition. So, we’re doing things a little bit differently.

As always, feel free to download the News Brief here and grab all the stories. (For what it’s worth!)

Residential News Brief

Let’s brief you on residential news. Truthfully, we know it’s a hard pill to swallow to see these headlines. Chin up! There are some bright spots. Read the article below.

Buyers Need a Six-Figure Income to Afford a “Typical Home, Report Finds. Here’s How to Reduce the Cost.

This is a scary and sobering headline, for sure! CNBC outlines the problem how to work to be able to afford a home. It’s good advice worth checking out.

America’s Hottest Markets Right Now are Also Affordable–but Come with a Chilling Catch

If you want to a more affordable area, we hope you like snow! Realtor. com has a great chart showing where the most sizzling hot real estate markets are right now, but take your coat.

Study Finds Most Movers Want to Stay Near Home State

We all have social and economic ties to our home areas. These factors, outlined by DSNews, are definitely worth examining.

Homebuyers Canceled a Record 60,000 Purchase Contracts in October

Yikes! That’s a scary thought, but buyers are waiting for mortgage rates and prices to fall, according to Business Insider.

HUD OKs Private Flood Insurance Option for Homeowners

This was published by National Mortgage Professional, and it raises some interesting points. One point, is that it make flood insurance more accessible.

Commercial News Brief

Commercial news readers, again, there are some tough articles to read here, but there ARE are some positives. Some of the articles provide awesome resources for you. Take a look in this part of the brief.

Companies Still Have Way Too Much Office Space, and They Can’t Sell It

Unless your are in the medical industry and find yourself if this situation, other industries are having trouble finding use for their extra space, according to CNBC.

Top Ten Marketing Tools For Commercial Real Estate

We took a look at this article and found it to be a GREAT list of tools for just about any business. Thanks, inMotion Real Estate Media!

Understanding Loan Ratios in Multifamily and Commercial Real Estate

We hope you like math, but the Janover Multifamily Loan content team breaks this concept down quite neatly. Go read it!

Commercial Real Estate Metro Market Reports Q3 2022

Curious to to see where your state or metropolitan area stands? The National Association of Realtors has excellent charts and graphics to help you find what you are looking for easily.

Five Ways to Make Better Project Decision in Your Real Estate Development Business

Who wouldn’t want to make better decisions for theirs business? UrbanMatter wrote an article outlining five great ways to help you. Why wait?

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Please note! Here are the days we will be closed for the holidays.

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