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What do you need to have?!

You need to know which documents you need for settlement BEFORE the big day comes, right? We have a handy list here that you will probably need, both for buyers and sellers. Still, be sure to check with your settlement agent or attorney to see what you will need. We have two lists of documents that are POTENTIALLY needed for both buyers and sellers at the settlement table.


Buyers, be ready with the following documents you may need for your settlement. These are not items to gather the night before! Prepare with this list:

  • A cashier’s or certified check for settlement payment.
  • Proof of insurance. Contact your insurance agent BEFORE settlement!
  • If you have related invoices, be sure to bring them.
  • Your lender may require documentation. Get a hold of your lender!


Sellers, you will need your own set of documents for settlement. Still, there are some key differences. Let’s start so you’re ready to hand over those keys without delay.

  • Invoices for anything left unpaid, such as utilities. DON’T FORGET THE CURRENT METER READINGS!
  • Receipts for taxes and assessments that you already paid.
  • Make sure you have paid off all liens, such as any mortgages against the property.
  • If you owe anything at settlement, bring a cashier’s or certified check for that, too.

There, now you know what documentation to bring with you to your settlement! Again, check with those running your settlement to make sure you have exactly what you need.

Learn more here with this handy PDF. You’ll learn about purchasing Owner’s Title Insurance, and Landmark Abstract can help you.

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