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avoid closing delays

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Purchasing a home can be a rewarding experience! But, there may be delays in the closing. Avoid closing delays with our tips. Keep in mind, situations can be avoided, too! Closing procedures vary from state to state. Therefore, having an understanding of what you need at closing will help your settlement process go as smoothly.

Lender Requirements

Your lender may require additional documentation or inspections (roof, septic, water, etc.) in order to comply with loan underwriting requirements. To expedite the process, submit all lender requested documentation in a timely fashion.

Buyer Protection Plan

Next, if a home warranty product is being provided and shown on contract, advise the closing agent. Additionally, tell them the purchase amount to be collected.

Homeowners Insurance (Hazard/Flood)

Your lender will require a copy of the policy(s) and a paid receipt prior to closing. Also, the policy must show the lender’s full name and address.

Condominium Approval

Condominium associations require written approval of sales. Your closing agent must have this approval form in order to close. Be sure to make application early in order to avoid any delay in closing.

Power of Attorney

Approval to use a power of attorney is required. Next, notify the closing agent and lender in advance of settlement. If you do use a power of attorney, inform the closing agent. Lastly, allow time for the document to be properly reviewed.

Marital Status

Certain documents require spousal signatures. Sometimes spouses do not intend to hold title and their name will not appear on the deed. Also, your spouse will be required to certain documents, so be sure to check with your closing agent and lender for what they may be.


Lastly, provide your address so closing documents can be mailed if you are unable to attend closing. Include a contact phone number. Your signature on certain affidavits, loan documents and other closing documents may require the services of a notary.

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