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Welcome to our "Commercial Real Estate" Category!  We know this is a growing category in our blog, but that means it's all the better for you to come back, right?  That being said, we cover topics that are of interest to those involved in the commercial end of real estate.

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Now, we want to say we have a great deal of other commercial real estate information tucked away into our site, and want to point you in its direction!  First, have you check out our News Briefs?  There is a pile of great new articles and ideas for developers found there.  Please take the time to look and find the gems hidden in those blog posts.

Secondly, we have an AWESOME Downloadable Resources section.  And, you guessed it, there is a section for commercial real estate customers.  We have great handouts that explain and go over how developers can benefit from title insurance.

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Commercial real estate developers have distinct and different needs that residential customers.  We take care of both at Landmark Abstract!  For our commercial developers, you can find more information here and of, course, use this form to contact us!  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, with both commercial and residential transactions.


To wrap up, our commercial real estate category is growing, so be sure to come and see what's new.  As well, we also covered a few other places around this website you can find information, too, about this subject.

Explaining UCC Insurance

by: Jennifer Dixon

February 08, 2023 / Categories: Articles, Commercial Real Estate, Residential

Introduction Explaining UCC insurance can be a bit confusing for anyone involved, we here at Landmark Abstract are here to help!  Different filings may fall under the UCC umbrella, but we are going to be focusing on what is considered a “fixture filing.”  (Are the acronyms and weird words confusing you already?)  Don’t worry, we will explain those terms and tell you what you need

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Title Insurance for Commercial Transactions

by: Jennifer Dixon

October 31, 2018 / Categories: Commercial Real Estate

Title Insurance for Commercial Transactions The sale of commercial real estate can be a complex process. Still, title insurance plays an important role in the transaction. While commercial transactions are similar to residential transactions, commercial transactions generally involve a larger financial investment. Complex ownership structures, use, and deeper research are needed to ensure the interests are conveyed properly. Below, we outline the basics of title

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Commercial Properties Need Title Insurance

by: Jennifer Dixon

July 27, 2018 / Categories: Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Property Needs Title Insurance. Here are Seven Reason Why! Title insurance protects the insured against covered title defects affecting the insured property, and commercial properties need title insurance! When you buy commercial property, you expect to enjoy important property rights as part of your investment. For example, you likely expect to be able to rent or lease the property, to be free from debts or obligations

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Public Records and Commercial Properties

by: Jennifer Dixon

April 24, 2018 / Categories: Commercial Real Estate

Introduction Although the commercial property you just purchased is new to you, it has a history in public records. Sometimes, these histories can include unwanted baggage. Title searchers complete a search on the property during the real estate transaction’s closing process.This determines whether there are title defects that can have an effect on the purchase. One common title issue buyers face when is an error

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