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Buying and selling your home are two separate and very stressful things!  There is a lot of information out there on both subjects, and we plenty of it here!  We not only have articles to give advice and insight, but we actually have a bunch of downloadable PDF's that offer you help, too.

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Buyers and sellers will be able to find some great information in this category, but also want realtors to take a look here, too.  Not only do we have great content for you, but, remember those downloadable PDF's?  You can pass those along to you clients!  In fact, we encourage you to do so to help them with buying and selling their homes.

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So, now you know about our resources about buying and selling real estate!  Read the posts below, as well as the articles we shared above.  There's some great information there, everything from staging your home properly to what to expect at your settlement.

Easy Ways to Improve Your Home’s Value

by: Jennifer Dixon

August 17, 2022 / Categories: Buying and Selling, Residential

So, you are looking to sell your home. As you look around, you see scuffed paint, dated carpet, and dirty electrical fixtures. Outside, you notice your bushes in the front flowerbeds could use some trimming. Now, you want to sell your home quickly, right? Luckily, we’ve compiled the top EASY ways to improve your home’s value so can get what it is worth and attract

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The Home Buying Process Explained

by: Jennifer Dixon

August 13, 2019 / Categories: Buying and Selling

The home buying process can be confusing! We explain it below, from offering to closing. The specifics of your transaction may vary; but in general, this is a helpful overview of the process. Discuss the steps with your real estate agent and settlement officer. The Parts of the Home Buying Process The Offer Once you’ve found the perfect home, it’s time to make an offer.

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Five Mortgage Terms To Know

by: Jennifer Dixon

April 17, 2019 / Categories: Buying and Selling

Let’s Get Started! Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make in your life. Most buyers will need to work with a lender to obtain a mortgage to ensure they are able to make this purchase. Your lender and settlement company will work together to make sure your settlement goes smoothly. As always, Landmark Abstract is here to help! Below

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What Is The Title Search Process?

by: Jennifer Dixon

January 30, 2019 / Categories: Buying and Selling

Watch to Learn More! We made this video for Friday the 13th, but it still holds value everyday! Watch it to learn about pitfalls to avoid. Title Search Process When you receive the keys to your new home, you may already have an idea about the work that goes into a successful closing. However, few new homeowners recognize the efforts involved in a title search and

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Learn About Tax Saving Strategies

by: Jennifer Dixon

September 24, 2018 / Categories: Buying and Selling, Residential

Strategies by using 1031 Exchanges Use these tax saving strategies! Using, the 1031 tax-deferred exchange is widely known and utilized by investors to defer capital gains tax when selling and buying investment property (Not familiar with 1031 Exchanges? Click here to learn about the basics of 1031 Exchanges.) To qualify under IRC Section 1031 the basic requirements to maximize your tax-deferral are: There are, however, additional tax savings

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