Easy Ways to Improve Your Home's Value

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top easy ways to increase home's value

So, you are looking to sell your home. As you look around, you see scuffed paint, dated carpet, and dirty electrical fixtures. Outside, you notice your bushes in the front flowerbeds could use some trimming. Now, you want to sell your home quickly, right? Luckily, we’ve compiled the top EASY ways to improve your home’s value so can get what it is worth and attract potential buyers.

That being said, there are five different easy ways you can improve your home’s value. Roll up your sleeves and get the elbow grease ready!

  • Paint
  • Declutter
  • Landscape
  • Replace Window Treatments
  • Power Wash Exterior

Paint a Blank Canvas

Painting is a great way to spruce up the your home and increase its value, and is the most effective to do this. Neutral colors have the potential to attract buyers.

For the next step, if you have absolutely no idea which color to pick, this article has some great options.

Now that you have a color chosen, it’s time to grab that paintbrush and start!

Declutter Your Home

Let’s face it. Things accumulate over time. There are a lot of things in our homes that could be thrown out or donated. Going through your house and getting rid of unwanted and unused items can make a huge impact in attracting buyers and increasing your home’s value.

Also, consider getting attractive storage space for things you want to keep, and donating things you don’t.

On the up side, if you install extra shelving and storage units, that can be a HUGE boost to the value of your home. The Spruce has some excellent decluttering tips if you want to get started.

Landscape for Curb Appeal

Landscaping is a great way to increase that all-important curb appeal of your home. A pair of hedge trimmers and utility gloves can go along way! Trim bushes, pull weeds, put down fresh mulch, and plant some flowers. First impressions are everything when it comes to potential buyers, right?

Here’s a great idea for adding a pop of color outside your home: window boxes! Read this article and see how to do it.

Replace Window Treatments for a Polished Look

Next up, think about replacing window treatments. For instance, wash your curtains or replace them outright. Additionally, replace broken Venetian blinds. If you choose to keep your blinds, dust and wash them.

Again, it is recommended that you use neutral window fixtures if you choose to replace them. People like to see potential in a new home, so a blank slate is appealing. If you need some inspiration, why not start here?

Power Wash Your Home’s Exterior

Lastly, we talk about power washing! Cleaning vinyl siding, window shutters, and brick can really help with your home’s value and increase that all-important curb appeal.

To keep the cost down, rent a power washer or borrow one from a neighbor. After that, watch this video BEFORE you start.

VIDEO: Learn How to Use a Pressure Washer!


To sum things up, you now know five easy ways to increase your home’s value in preparation to sell. Keep in mind, when you do, and if you are buying or selling, use Landmark Abstract for your settlement and title insurance needs. Good luck, and now get started!

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