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Welcome to our Title Insurance Topics Guide!  Our experienced staff at Landmark Abstract has a wealth of  knowledge about this subject. We also want to share it with you.  Below, explore a guide of information ranging from defining what title insurance to explaining how it relates to commercial transactions.  

First, we will introduce each set of topics, and will start with the basics. Next, we’ll dig deeper, and end with the more complex guide topics.  Finally, in each section you will find a list of links in our blog to help YOU find the learn and find answers to your questions. 

Guide Level 1: The Basics of Title Insurance

To start, title insurance protects homeowners against property loss and damages.  This is the definition of title insurance in its purest form.  Still, as you guessed, though, there is a LOT more to the subject. 

Blog Post Topics, Level 1: Title Insurance Basics

Guide Level 2: Digging Deeper Into Title insurance

Next, there are more advanced title insurance topics. Let’s see how it works with cash purchases and refinance transactions.

Blog Post Topics, Level 2: Digging Deeper

Here we have our second list of title insurance topics in this guide.  Refinancing, cash purchases, and articles about extra policy protection are listed below.  Another great post topic to explore is whether you need additional title insurance coverage.

Guide Level 3: Getting Into More Complex Topics

Finally, we have more complex and specific issues relating to title insurance.  We understand topics are getting harder, and know that these may not apply to everyone.  Realtors and commercial property owners?  This section is for you!  Still, residential consumers, you can find good information here.

Blog Post Topic, Level 3: Complex Topics

Lastly, this is our list of blog posts relating to complex title insurance issues.  We two great feature articles about policy objections and one about attorney’s letters.


To sum things up, we wanted to give visitors of ALL needs the information they need from our vast knowledge here at Landmark Abstract, and happy to provide this Title Insurance Topics Guide.  Be sure to check back often, too!  New blog posts are being added regularly.

Finally, if you can’t find what you are looking for, fill out the contact form and ask!  We want to help you with your real estate and title insurance needs.

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