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Introduction: Here to Help

Welcome to our closing help topics guide!  A closing is when a property is transferred from the seller to the buyer, simply.  It sounds easy, right?  Real estate closings can have hurdles and cause stress for all involved, especially if you do not have the right information.  We here at Landmark Abstract are here to help!

Firstly, we are going to break down the basics of a closing by introducing a list of posts right here on this blog.  These posts give all sorts of great information to guide you along. Secondly, we will talk about advanced closing topics.  This section is great for those looking for more in depth information.  Last, we will go over what to avoid. There are quite a few things to not do before closing, so we REALLY suggest looking through those articles.

Guide #1: Closing Basics Topics

Now, we have a great list of topics about closing basics!  Have you ever wondered what you need for settlement or what to actually expect during closing?  Look below!  We have answers for you.

Basics Posts List

Guide #2: Advanced Closing Topics

Here, we will go deeper into closing with the advanced section of our posts. Also, these advanced closing topics are for readers who want more detailed information about closings. Maybe you’re a realtor, too, who wants to help educate their clients?  You’ve come to the right place.

Advanced Closing Posts Lists

Below is our great list of posts about advanced closing topics.  Since we are going to jump deeper into our closing help topics guide, we encourage you to go through the Basics list first if you haven’t already.  

We know some of the titles have the word “basics” in them, but these articles still have their place in this list.  Go ahead and start reading!

Guide #3: “What to Avoid During Closing” Topics

To start, there are a lot of things to avoid and can disrupt your closing otherwise. We here at Landmark Abstract are experienced settlement agents, and have run into situations where things listed in these articles have happened.

The “What to Avoid” List

Conclusion: Have a Successful Closing!

Finally, there’s a lot out there about closings to benefit those just starting to learn, and for those who want to dig deeper into this process.  We hope you especially dug into our “what to avoid” section!  

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