October News Brief 2022: Halloween Edition

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Pumpkins. October New Brief

October News Brief

We are here to bring you the latest news in real estate industry, so for your October News Brief we are not just ONLY bring you news, but we have a few treats for you, too, so be sure to read to the end!

This is not the entire news brief. Read it in its entirety here.

Residential News

News Brief Feature 1: Student Loan Debt and Purchasing a Home

So many of us know the pains of student loan debt. It is a HUGE hindrance to your finances. So, what about buying a home when you have student loan debt? REALTOR.com has an awesome article explaining how it can be possible.

How To Buy A Home When You Have Student Loan Debt

News Brief Feature 2: Mortgage “Whiplash”

“Whiplash” is not a term you want to hear with “mortgage”. Still, mortgage rates are jumping up and down at alarming and expensive rates. Over at National Mortgage Professional, there’s a great article that explains why and how this happening.

Homebuyers Challenged by Mortgage Rate ‘Whiplash’

Commercial News

News Brief Feature 1: Drone Delivery and You

This October’s new brief brings an interesting concept: Amazon and Walmart want to use drone delivery. Now, how does this affect you? These two giants want to use what is known as airspace rights to implement drone delivery. Fortune.com has an article outlining how this could happen.

Amazon and Walmart Want the FAA to Let Them Use Part of Your Property

News Brief Feature 2: From Retail Space to Homes

Now, seriously, here’s some GREAT news out of California. A new law was just enacted to allow vacant retail spaces to be converted into apartments. NPR reported on this excellent development (ha!), and we encourage you to head over and read more.

Vacant Stores Will Become Homes More Easily Under New California Laws


As promised we have some treats for you!

First, do your kids or even yourself like to color? We’ve got a great Halloween coloring page right here for you! And, we want to see it! Be sure like our social media pages and post them there or tag us.

Second, we your kids to be be safe during trick or treat in your area. That’s why we are arming you with this great list of tips to keep your little monsters safe and sound as they go around the neighborhood getting goodies.

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