September 2022 News Brief

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September 2022 news brief

In the September 2022 News Brief we face the facts: the housing market has slowed down. There are stories worth noting in our September 2022 News Brief. Be sure to keep reading until the end; there may be some housing humor.

Residential News Highlights

The Modern Family: 18% of American Live in Multigenerational Households: Yup, many adults are finding it hard to move out of their parents’ home. Financial woes are to blame. As you will read in this news brief, families are combing resources to make theirs households work.

This Clause Keeps Sellers in Charge: Next, this article introduces a tool sellers have in a real transaction: contingencies! Interested in what they are and how they are used? Take a look at the linked blog post and see.

Commercial News Highlights

Confronting Commercial Real Estate’s Biggest Challenge With Technology: Technology is always changing and the commercial real estate world is constantly trying to keep up it. This feature in the news brief comes via Forbes, and show commercial real estate developers how to embrace technology and not fear it.

Commercial Boosted by Supply Chain Expansion: The U.S.A had a harsh wake-up during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our our dependence on foreign good can be a weakness. This also prompted domestic manufacturing. Commercial developers found opportunities. Learn how in this article.

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September Funny

As promised, here is a funny surprise to hold you over until next month.

This house is out-of-this-world! Seriously, look at it! It’s about to blast off! And it could be yours for $599,000.

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