January 2023 News Brief

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january 2023 news brief

It’s a new year, and it’s time for a new news brief!

Happy New Year! We want to welcome you to our January 2023 News Brief summary. This year, we at Landmark Abstract will continue to bring you the latest news and information relating to real estate, focusing on both residential and commercial topics.

That being said, let’s get started! As always feel free download the entire news brief yourself and read all the articles. As a note, it seems our provider has some linking issues (again) in the PDF version of the news brief.

January Residential News Brief Highlights

Housing Trends by Generation: Gen Z, Millennials and Boomers: We are all aware that different generation want different things, and choices in homes and location is especially true for that! Look at the data presented by National Mortgage News. We also have our own blog post and handout on this topic, too.

Cost of Mortgage Fraud is Way Up: No one likes fraud, except the fraudsters! This article from National Mortgage Professional Magazine has the facts. Oh, and so do we! We have a great library of educational fraud topics. Let’s get on to the next article of our January News Brief!

2022 Recap: Buzzwords that Sell Homes Faster: Next, The MReport has a great article citing research of mortgage listings in 2022 that enticed buyers to purchase a certain home. This is quite an interesting read!

January Commercial News Brief Highlights

The Future Landscape of City: Live-Work-Play, Science Centers, Medical Offices: Commercial developers, this definitely one for you to read in the month’s new brief! The Mortgage Note brought us this article.

Why a Recession in 2023 Could See Remote Workers Returning to the Office: Now, during the pandemic, many people worked from home, but Reuters looks at the cost of returning workers to the office, like with transportation, for example.

Buying Ugly: The Inner Beauty of Unattractive Real Estate: Sure, no one wants an ugly home. That being said, ugly has a lot of potential for a commercial builder! Inc.com brings you the details.

News Brief Social Media Share!

Lastly, we like to share our social media links at the end of every news brief, and, of course, January is no different! Start off the New Year right and take check out and like our profiles.

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In Summary

Here’s the download link to the entire news brief one more time.

That’s it for our January 2023 News Brief summary. Finally, we want to wish you and your families a wonderful and very happy NEW YEAR! Let’s make it a good one!

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