Generational Trends in Real Estate

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generational family that may be purchasing real estate

It should come as no surprise that there are generational trends when purchasing real estate. Now, the big question is….how do you as a real estate cater to generational trends?

Baby Boomers value first impressions, that you are willing to listen and assist them with what they need and want, and wish for respect from their real estate agents.

Generation X’ers, Millennials, and Generation Z real estate shoppers like it when their agents come prepared with data, are respectful of their preferences, and also love agents who show care and respect for their clients.

Each group has their nuances, and we are here to help. We recently made a new downloadable resource available titled “Generational Trends,” and click on the title to download. You will learn details and strategies to help members of each generation get the home of their dream. For a more in depth looks, we recommend this report. . The National Association of Realtors has some great information about generational real estate trends, too.

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