February News Brief

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February News Brief

It’s February Already?!

Yup, it’s hard to believe it’s time for the February News Brief. With that, we’ll be looking at Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day soon, too. Still, we want to bring you the news highlights around the world of real estate, including from both the residential and commercial sides. Oh, read to the end. We have loveable surprise for you!

If you like to download the news brief in its entirety, we have you covered.

February Residential News

Let’s get started with our new brief highlights bringing you residential news. While some of the articles have a chilly theme, other show that spring is around the corner in the housing market. Here are three of the articles we thought you’d like.

Is Now the Time to Buy Before the Spring Rush Hits? Alisa Wolfson of MarketWatch got some reassuring predictions about an otherwise chilly housing market. Read on and see what she learned.

Top Overvalued U.S. Housing Markets Here, US News really put their homework in this next article in our February News Brief. Facts are presented in text and chart form. Their data may not be surprising, but did find some pretty unusual data points, too.

U.S. Home Prices Fall for 5th Straight Month in November Well, if you’re looking to purchase a home, this is good news! Realtor.com feels the outlook is better for home prices decreasing through a reputable price index.

February Commercial News

Next up on our February News Brief overview, it’s commercial news! Again, a it may feel like a cold wind is blowing straight in the face of the real estate market, but the hope of a warm breeze may be on the horizon.

Predictions for Small-Scale Commercial Real Estate in 2023, And How Investors Can Prepare First, pay attention, real estate investors! We know it’s tough right now, but Matias Recchia at Forbes puts everything on the table on how to survive.

If the real estate market returns to normal, what do we need to relearn? Normal? What’s that? All joking aside, and with being three years into a drastic world change, there are some items that John Weaver of The Business Journals puts down for consideration.

Understanding the Pandemic’s Lasting Impact on Real Estate Now, this is a great article to follow up with our February News Brief. This is a lengthy interview, but it will you understand how real estate is changing. Thanks to Kellogg Insight for this great article!

A Sweet News Brief Surprise For You!

Yes, we did promise you an nice surprise for you, didn’t we? Our Valentine to our readers is this easy recipe for chocolate covered strawberries! Make them for you loved ones. Or, make them for yourself and eat them while watching Netflix.

We hope you found some the content in the February News Brief helpful. Again, if you are interested in reading the entire brief, download it here.

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