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March News Brief


It’s time for your March News Brief! As we have done in previous months, we will bring you the latest in both residential and commercial real estate news, breaking down the highlights of the news brief in dedicated sections.

Still, if you want to jump right in and read the entire new brief, it’s your lucky day! We have a PDF version ready to go for you.

To start off, we will look residential real estate news. Oh, and let’s see how it relates to sports. Yes, you heard us right.

March Residential News Highlights

First, as we mentioned before, we actually have some sports-related news brief highlights for March! Let’s get started with the highlight reel. (We couldn’t resist.)

Legendary Real Estate Developer Dies at 97: This article, brought to us by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, remembers Ted Lerner. Washington, D.C. residents can thank Lerner for bringing baseball into back into our nation’s capital.

Eagles’ Coach Nick Sirianni and Wife Win Court Battle Over South Jersey Home: See, more sports! And, this case is also proof that housing contracts matter, as this article by the Courier Post shows.

How Real Estate Investors Affect The Housing Shortage: Sorry, we’re out of sports stories, but MSN has a really in-depth article about how investors affect those who in the market for purchasing a home.

March Commercial News Highlights

Secondly, let’s dive into the commercial section of our March News Brief Highlights. Now, we don’t have any sports stories here, but we have a great article to start that relates to something to celebrate this month.

Commercial Real Estate Trade Associations Hires More Women: March is Women’s History Month, so it felt fitting to include this article, naturally! Read how more CRE companies are empowering female business owners and contractors in this article by BizJournals.

How to Succeed in Commercial Real Estate: Business leaders give their insight in this great interview from Digital Journal. The economy may be rough, but these innovators tell you how to thrive.

Commercial Real Estate Investments Serve As a Hedge Against Inflation: The ZeeBiz WebTeam takes at look at commercial real estate how to get the best return on an investment. By observing markets in Asia, some of the principles used there are working, too, against inflation.

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Finally, that’s it for the highlights version of our March News Brief! We hope you found the featured articles enjoyable as well as informative. Check back next month for new batch of articles and a new news brief.

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