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There’s Still Plenty of Summer Left!

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We here at Landmark Abstract can’t believe it’s time for our August 2023 News Brief! The summer is zipping by, but there’s still plenty of time to fit in one last trip to the beach, a nice weekend at a spa, or camping in the woods. Still, before you go, you have time to catch up on the latest real estate news. As you can see here, we’ve got you covered!

Before we begin, our format has changed this month. Rather than give you highlights, we’re going to give you the ENTIRE news brief in one shot. How does that sound?

So, with that being said, we should get started before you dash out the door for that end of summer vacation, right?

August 2023 News Brief

Here it is! To get to the article links you will have to click the image to download it. There, you open and read the articles directly. Sound good?

Click here to download the news brief to get all the articles.

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August 2023 News Brief Summary

To conclude, thank you for reading this blog post and for reading our August 2023 News Brief. We work hard at Landmark Abstract to serve our clients with the best possible services, and to bring you excellent web content that keep you informed. We do that here on the blog and in social media. Have a great rest of your summer and see you in September!

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