The American Dream of Homeownership

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Across this great country, from sea to shining sea, the American Dream of homeownership is alive and well.

American dream of homeownership

The American Dream of homeownership is about being part of a community. It’s also about making the house you live in a great place to call home. Think of it: having backyard barbeques, children’s birthday parties, and neighborhood watch patrols. It’s about borrowing a cup of sugar and mowing the neighbor’s lawn. Let’s not forget it’s about teaching the paperboy the difference between the front porch and the front bushes. You plan on being in your home a while, and are invested in making your home and your neighborhood a better place than when you arrived. It’s a vision worth achieving, right?

Why Do I Need an Owner’s Policy?

Above all, homeownership provides joy, pride and sense of accomplishment. Even though your home may be new to you, still, every property has a history and there may be hidden issues in the chain of title that could affect your ownership rights to the property. By having an Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance, you are provided with peace of mind by removing the hidden risks when you purchase a piece of property whose legal history is unknown to you. Don’t let this part of the American Dream slip away because of faulty title!

Common Title Issues with Title

  • Errors in Public Records
  • Unknown Liens
  • Illegal Deeds
  • Missing heirs
  • Forgeries
  • Unknown Easements
  • Undiscovered Encumbrances
  • Boundary/Survey Disputes
  • Undiscovered Will
  • False Impersonation of a Previous Owner

Luckily, these and other issues are often covered by an Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance. Additionally, the title insurance company will, at its own expense, defend the title and pay losses within the coverage of the policy if they occur.

A History of Protection the American Dream

Title insurance has been protecting homeowners for more than 130 years. Purchasing a home may be the largest financial investment you ever make. An Owner’s Policy of Title Insurance can give you added peace of mind in knowing that the title to your investment in the American dream of homeownership is insured.

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