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A stressed attorney with a lot of papers.  They need title services for lawyers!

The Beginning of Our Story

Here’s a story about why title services for lawyers are important, especially for smaller offices.

An attorney is starting their journey as a sole legal practitioner.  Their new office is nice and they already have a great base of clients.  
One day, one of their clients called, and asked them to handle a settlement. The client wanted to sell a lot of land located in a northern Pennsylvania county, complete with oil and gas leases.  Our lawyer friend  took the case, but realized that they didn’t have the resources to do a search, have a settlement, and ultimately record the documents.  What’s their next step?

Barrister’s Settlement Services

Firstly, the sole legal practitioner called Barrister Settlement Services, which provides just the title services that this lawyer needed.  Barrister’s Settlement Services is under the Landmark Abstract umbrella.  Many small law firms have used Barrister’s title services.  

Barrister’s knows that smaller law firms have limited resources, just like this attorney’s.  They need services, for example, like an experienced abstractor to do the title search.  In fact, there is an entire team of title professionals here ready to tackle any transaction.

For example, Barrister’s Settlement Services is an excellent choice for lawyers who need title services like this.  We aim to provide outstanding service and flexibility, as well as the benefit of years of experience.  We put care into every transaction.

How To Use Our Title Services

Next, Barrister’s Settlement Services provides fast turnaround on title searches and in getting courthouse documents.  Both of these services can be difficult for a small law firm to provide, and can be time consuming! By using our services, our attorney friend knew their clients were being well taken care of. The knowledge and experience of a trained title service professionals were on the case.

This lawyer started the process by calling Barrister’s Settlement Services at 717-293-9760.  There, they were put in touch with one of our trained order openers.  A transaction was then started.  They also went over the BSS part of this website for a few more details

Title Services for Lawyers in Small Firms

Barrister’s Settlement Services provides small law firms, like the one in our story, a way to provide clients services that wouldn’t normally be available. This lawyer also was happy to find out the BSS is owned in part by attorneys, too, by people who knew what they needed.

Here are some of the services that Barrister’s Settlement Services provides:

  • Title Insurance
  • Settlement Services
  • Residential and Commercial Transactions
  • Title Searches
  • Document Recording, Electronically if Available


To conclude, the client was happy with the sale of the property!  The new owners are, too. Not only that, this attorney was happy with the title services for lawyers that she received through Barrister’s Settlement Services.  They were glad that a service like this was available and plan on using BSS again.  Now, they can take on more real estate transactions with ease and peace of mind knowing that Barrister’s Settlement Services is in their corner.

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