January 2024 News Brief

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Happy New Year!  Fireworks and all.  It's time for your January 2024 News Brief.

Let’s Start off the New Year with a News Brief!

Indeed! We want to wish each and every one you a wonderful New Year! Still, it’s a new month, too, so that means we want to dive right into our January 2024 News Brief.

As usual, click on the image below to be taken to full news brief where you can click on the included links and be taken right to the articles themselves.

Now, let’s get started!

January 2024 News Brief

Jan 24 news brief

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News Brief Bonus! Mortgage Terms Infographic

In addition to our News Brief, we want to share a really cool infographic that we made. After you are done reading it, click on it to be taken to our blog post where you can learn more about mortgage terms that everyone should know.

5 Basic Mortgage Terms

Real estate agents, share this with you clients!

January 2024 News Brief Summary

Seriously, have a great new year! Its no secret that 2023 was a rough year for real estate. Let’s forward to a brighter 2024! If the news in the new brief is any indication, we just may have some bright spots on the horizon.

To conclude, we covered a lot of news, gave our social media links, and shared a really cool infographic. We look forward to bring you more news next month!

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