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Introduction to Barrister’s Settlement Services

Barrister’s Settlement Services is a title agency owned in part by attorneys, and wants to preserve the attorney’s role in real estate transactions.  We use both the All-Inclusive and Approved Attorney methodologies for serving the title insurance and settlement needs of their clients.

Barrister's settlement services

What Barrister’s Settlement Services Does

Barrister’s Settlement Services provides title insurance and settlement services to the residential and commercial real estate and lending industry throughout Central Pennsylvania and beyond. Additionally, our experience has allowed us to provide these services to a wide variety of clients for a broad range of insured transactions. We handle everything from small residential deals to multi-million dollar commercial deals, as well as everything in between.

What Barrister’s Can Do for You

We provide small firms and sole practitioners with an opportunity to not only share in the profits but also provide their clients with additional services to accommodate their firm.

Our team of professionals provides exceptional service to ensure your real estate transactions close smoothly. We also have the experience to handle any title related issue while still giving your client the attention they need and deserve.

We are one of the largest and most successful title agency operations in the industry and have received local, state and national recognition.

Our employee abstractors are available to promptly fill requests to research and/or obtain courthouse documents.  Also, we record in all counties throughout Pennsylvania, as well as record documents electronically in every county where possible.

We provide you with the flexibility of scheduling your clients closing at a time and location of your choice.

To learn more about joining Barrister’s Settlement Services please email akeller@landmarkabstract.com.