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October 2023 News Brief.  A warty green pumpkin.

October is here! Spooky season is upon us.

There is a chill in the air, and the leaves are starting to change. That must mean it’s time for our October 2023 News Brief, and Halloween is right around the corner. The news brief is available to download here, or you can click on the image below to access it, too.

Firstly, it’s nice to see some GOOD news in the residential section of the news brief. It’s about time! Commercial real estate features two interesting articles, as well.

October 2023 News Brief

Image of october 23 news brief

Special Section: Cybersecurity Awareness Month

OcSecondly, October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month! This topic is very important to us and we want to educate both consumers and others in real estate about the dangers out there online. Here, we have a have a great group of articles about the subject. Head on over to our special blog category to see what have to offer and see what you can learn.

Also, we are also going to be posting more useful information about cybersecurity on our social media accounts, which brings us to our next section in our news brief blog post.

Find Us On Social Media

Thirdly, as we usually do at this point in the news brief post, we tell you where to find us on social media. We post a lot of great contents, and want you to see it! There will be more cybersecurity awareness information coming over on these accounts, too.

Find us below:

October 2023 News Brief Wrap Up

To conclude, here’s our news brief for you to download one more time. Now that you’ve been informed about this month’s real estate news, maybe you best start planning your Halloween costume! We are planning ours here.

Finally, we will be back in November with more real estate news to keep you in the loop. But, we’re got more for you to read in in the meantime.

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