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A warning about wire fraud

Wire Fraud Warning

We want to give you a direct warning about wire fraud. If you receive an email requesting that you send money in connection with your closing, even if it’s from a familiar source, STOP. Call your real estate or settlement agent to discuss. Do NOT use phone numbers or links in the email.

Cybercriminals are trying to steal your money by impersonating your real estate service providers.  Criminals may send you an e-mail that looks as though it is from us or your agent.  They may even call you pretending to be us or your agent.  We are not responsible for any wires you send to an incorrect account.  Below are tips on how you can help guard your funds from wire fraud.

VIDEO: Learn About Wire Fraud

Call Before Wiring Funds

Call us at a number you know is accurate to verify the instructions before sending your funds.  DO NOT use the phone number in an email- even if you think the email is from us. This is a vital part of our warning about wire fraud!

Be wary of any email or phone call asking for money, stating it is urgent or using a threatening manner to get you to wire funds.  DO NOT trust an email or phone call that updates, changes or is “re-sending” wire instructions.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at an accurate phone number and verify before sending funds. 

Call your bank.  After confirming with us, via telephone, confirm with your bank that it has the correct information.

Call After Wiring Funds

Contact us after you wire your funds to make sure we received your funds.  Staying in touch is the best way to ensure there is not a problem.

What if Something Seems Wrong?

Contact your bank and the authorities IMMEDIATELY if you suspect wire fraud. If you think your funds were sent to a criminal you might be able to get it back but you must act quickly.

Immediately do the following:

  • Contact your bank and request a SWIFT recall.  Also ask your bank to contact the fraud department of the receiving bank so they can immediately freeze funds.
  • Contact your local police and your local FBI Office.

We Do Not Accept or Request Wiring Instructions or Changes to Wiring Instructions Via Email. Please Call (717) 293-9760 and ask to speak to your Settlement Agent.

For more information and resources on wire fraud visit the website for the Coalition to Stop Real Estate Wire Fraud.

Coalition to Stop Real Estate Wire Fraud

Thank you for reading our warning about wire fraud. For more information on wire fraud and cybersecurity issues please visit the Cybersecurity and Wire Fraud Category of the Landmark Abstract Blog.

Landmark Abstract Cybersecurity and Wire Fraud Category

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