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During these difficult times, we take special pride in fulfilling our Company’s Core Purpose, “We help people achieve their dreams.” Over the last few months we have been able to adapt and safely continue to help individuals and families get into the homes of their dreams.

Our number one priority is the safety of our staff and our customers. We have put in place new protocols for conducting closings to help ensure we complete our real estate closings in a safe and compliant manner.  This protocol is compliant with the CDC and government-mandated orders. Over the last few months we’ve been conducting these new Drive Up Settlements and have received positive feedback.

No Physical Contact

There shall be no physical contact between persons during this time. This applies to our staff while in the office, as well as customers during the conducting of any closings. Our staff members are required to wear masks and maintain a safe distance of at least 6 feet apart while in the office. They must also wear gloves while handling documents that will be distributed to customers.

Documents Sent Out Ahead Of Time

Settlement packages, including loan documents, will be sent to the appropriate parties before the scheduled settlement date so that they can be reviewed ahead of the settlement so that if there are any issues they can be addressed prior to the closing date.

Settlement Packages

Folding Tables will be placed outside the office where the parties to the real estate transaction who must sign documents can safely retrieve them for signing. The preferred methodology for signing is that the party retrieves the “settlement package” which is in an envelope labeled with their name, from the table outside the office.  The parties execute the documents in their car.

Identity Verification

Verification of identity is made by buyers sending a photo of their license to their settlement agent via email; or they leave their identification on the table and the settlement agent safely takes a picture of the ID from their mobile devices.  Visual verification by comparison of the ID provided to the persons executing the documents must be made from the safe distance of six feet or more unless done from a location outside of the car where the signatures are taking place with the car windows closed.

Return Documents and Receive Confirmation

After they have completed signing, the party is to return the signed package in the envelope to the table where they picked it up.  The party should remain on-site in their car until they receive communication from the closer that they have verified that the package is fully and properly executed.

Our leadership team collaborated with members of our staff as well as some of our realty and lending partners to create this new safety protocol. Many other title companies in the area have also adopted our methods to ensure the safety of their staff and customers. Our protocols were created by using the CDC COVID-19 safety guidelines. For more information on COVID-19 visit their website.

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